Imaginary People (LP)

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Wah Wah 45s are proud to present the hugely anticipated new album from arguably the UK’s finest dub and reggae outfit, Resonators.

After a four year hiatus – mostly spent tirelessly performing headline shows and festivals across the UK and Europe, as well as recording a plethora of new music – this almost peerless Brighton-based collective are ready to unleash their new material to an eager public in the shape of their third album, “Imaginary People“.

Meditative Quality

Inspired by the meditative quality and universal appeal of Jamaican roots music the bandradiate a playful and unified stage presence. The two lead singers Kassia Zermon and FayeHouston wipe away the notion of the big-ego front man whilst Darren JamTone provides livedub effects, and the balance is set.

This fine balance is also apparent on the album where sonorous dub moments on tracks like “Come Through” and “Trees” are perfectly complemented by sweeter cuts like “Right Time” and “Swing Easy”. As ever with Resonators though, it’s the song writing that stands out, and album highlights “Papa Daddio” and the psychedelic “Healer” showcase this perfectly.

With a plethora of new songs under their belt, as well as what’s becoming a very healthy catalogue of crowd pleasers from their last two albums, Resonators will be touring the UK and Europe this Autumn.

Make sure you catch them as they’re one of the finest live acts in this country right now!


“If there were any doubts on whether Resonators could indeed step up with another classic record, then Imaginary People seals the deal and then some.” Art Jefferson, ColoRising

“This one really is up there with the best! It takes a seat at the 2016 top album table.” Reggae Roots Review

“For those in the know, Resonators are one of the best. Soulful reggae with a dub flourish, the crew have an international reputation and are currently smashing their way across the festival calendar.” Clash Magazine

“Rather good” Gideon Coe, BBC Radio 6 Music


“Another blinder! Love the dub too.” Shepdog, NICE UP! (United Kingdom)

“Sweet vibes. Terrific vocals and harmonies.” Dubmatix, Artist / Producer / Mixer

“Nice.” Daddy Vad

“Imaginary People Clean Version is the one for me.” Tony Thorpe, Studio Rockers Records (United Kingdom)

“Love the dub!” Blend Mishkin, Cast-A-Blast

“Cool single!” DJ RootBwoy, Zona Reggae (Romania)

“Stunningly wonderful.” Chris DJ DAPPER DAN Brown, Skanking Delights / Forest FM / (United Kingdom)

“Super!” Maken, Polish National Radio (Poland)

“Dub for ever!” BunZer0, SUB FM (United Kingdom)

“Dutty!” Clip & Carbine

“Nice vibes!” Buster B, (France / Belgium)

“Rotten.” Jon Spyne, 40hz Productions

“Big tune.” Venum Sound, ram jam / 1brightonfm / (United Kingdom)

“Cool bubbler. Looking well forward to the album release.” Nicky Dread, CFRU-FM, Guelph ON (Canada)

“Someone got hold of the Summer Purificator and condensed the rays into this little gem… Vibes” Titan Sound, High Grade

“Nice vibes,thank you” Stevie Roots, Concious Radio (United Kingdom)

“Great Reggae Dub Music, Big Up!” AlexDub, Poitiers

“Nice one!” Daferwa, Mash It UP! / Global Player (Cologne) / WDR Funkhaus Europa Radio (Germany)

“Nice, love the female lyrics!” Walt, Sweetpotato Soundsystem / Subdub Leeds (United Kingdom)

“Chune!” Numa Crew (Italy)

“Nice nice nice.. definitely & soon on radio” Ahmet Gunes, Açık Radyo / (Turkey)

“Nice vibes” DJ Frisk (United Kingdom)

“We will play and support” Doogie,

“Nice” Mat The Alien, (Canada/UK)

“Very catchy, love it.” Serum, V Recordings / Dread / Grid (United Kingdom)

“Oh yeah!! Can’t get enough of this sound…and those sexy vocals!” Dr. StrangeDub, KFAI-FM (United States)

“Run it” Max RubaDub (Switzerland)

“Love it!” FleCK (Greece)

“The Future Time version is sick.” Igor (Russia)

“Nice1” Max Powa (Austria)

“So good…!” Greg, (Ireland)

“Wicked!” Sattamann, Real Roots (United Kingdom)

“Like the Future Time version!” Stephan Meyer / DJ Respecta (Germany)

“Summer vibes detected!” DJ Jimi Needles, Barrio Central / Floripa / Cable (United Kingdom)

“Big moves!” Mr Benn, Square One Sound / Leisure Recordings (United Kingdom)

“Love the dub version!” Pablo Borchi (Mexico)

“Niceness!” Jinx in dub (United Kingdom)

“Wicked stuff!” Aldo Vanucci (United Kingdom)

“Beautiful stuff! This album is going to be a K.O.!” Leo, (Ireland)

“Vibes!!!” Boj Lucki, Mir Crew (Sweden)

“Well done.” Lorenzo, Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon Formentera, Royal Plastic Radio Show Ibiza, Lust & Leben Magazin

“Hungry with anticipation for this banger” Pete

“Wicked, thanks.” Jim, 1 Station Fm

“Enorme coup de coeur, full support !!” Seb, Radio Krimi (France)

“Love The Healer – tune!” Amrisha, Radio 79 / (United Kingdom)

“Definitely my favorite fot his softness is The Healer, beautiful voices, it is quiet and she is a healer means something for me, a special feeling But Come through WAOUH!!! Voice is remarkable, i like the bass line and the struture of this track is successfull I will certainly select it in my next playlist… Overall this album is very good” Veronique, Radio Krimi (France)

“Very nice! Will support!” Toshio Matsuura, Inter FM897 (Japan)

“As good as expected! Love it!” Aly Gillani, First Word Records / Excursions Radio Show / (United Kingdom)

“I really love tracks such as Papa Dadio, Healer and Swing Easy! Finest stuff!!” Cesare Cera, Nu Lounge / Gru Radio / Radio Fujiko / Radio Bologna Uno (Italy)

“A sweet way to leave summer and entering autumn… Playlisted on my newt RadioShow.” Olivier Cavaller, / (France)

“Love it.” Russ jones, Hackney Globetrotter Radio Show / (United Kingdom)

“Yup! Been looking forward to this. Chayers all! Love x” Michael Jukes, Mile Wide Smile Club/Brighton (United Kingdom)

“This is just what is needed to soothe the savage beast ,excellent simple as that !!!!!” Aja Allsop, The Jazz UK, BluesJazz Radio (TX USA), Electric Lion Radio (London), Impact Radio(Italy), Cruise FM

“Fantastic release!” Funtzaz, (Sweden)

“Nice” Hector Pizarro, (France)

“Why has it taken to autumn to release this lovely smooth vibe? It’s more than made for my sets at StrandPauli Beach Club!” HP, Hamburg – Mojo Club, StrandPauli (Germany)

“All good, this is so true.” Måns Strömberg, Radio Helsinki Radio YLE 1

“Excellent as always from thsi band. Bring on the dub versions!” Rick Anderson, All-Music Guide, CD HotList, MusicBlurt

“Nice record!” Jason Deckstatic, No.8, XL, Space Ibiza NYC, 1 Oak Southampton, Boujis (London) /

“Awesome.” Adam Tait, Shout 4 Music/UK Reggae Guide/Gigwise (United Kingdom)

“Good Sound… greetings from Venezuela” Henry Azuaje, El Inspector (Venezuela)

“Thanks!” Tim Quigley, Groovera Chilled Web Radio /

“Wonderful album, the summer will last as long as you listen to this album.” David, Agogo Records // Mojo Club Hamburg / (Germany)

“HI WW45s More action from the front line and love the cover..and you know the single/title track and Healter are winners, so what can we say about the rest of the album. ‘All The Paths’ lead to the Resonators and that’s a tasty starter; OK so as if by magic ‘Right Time’ works- nice lovers, nice vocal. Next big tune, ‘Come Through’ this is the type/style that we know the Resonators for and this is a new classic – better than Imaginary People; love the tension before the sing-a-long ending. Need dub biz. ‘Papa Dadio’ has a perfect combination of dub/lovers vocals suc that there’s no need for a Hectic extension; but wait, what’s that sax solo doing in ‘Gonna Change’? Fantastic but far too short – def. sounds like a grower track but every time i’ll here that sax, i’ll be thinking it needs an extension into the free dub expressionism. Trees – roots – not going to go there but Swing Easy is properly dubbed out to finish the album on yet another high. This album sees the band at a consistent excellence but still stunned by the beauty of ‘Come Through’ – you’ve done a brilliant job. Many thanks again. ” Gerry Hectic, 60 Million Postcards / Bournemouth / Futuristica Music / Jazz Chronicles (United Kingdom)

“As expected, a superb new album from the Resonators!! 10/10 – full support!” Sven Thomschke, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg / // (Germany)

“TRUUUUULY esssssential B^)” Michael Stukes, WHCR 90.3 FM (Harlem, USA)

“Easy ralaxing summer vibes !!!” Markus Milz, “Further In Fusion” Radio Corax 95.9fm (Halle, Germany)

“Such a great distinctive sound! Toughest UK reggae band since Aswad & Steel Pulse. The two lead vocals complement each other perfectly. Shades of Fat Freddy’s Drop. Love it … !” Chris, Stop Making Sense / Bedroom Bar / Soas Radio / Mi-Soul Radio (United Kingdom)

“A SWEET REGGAE LOVE AFFAIR! Love it” Tiago Santos

“Been waiting for some new heat from these guys and it was worth the wait.. Perfect sunshine vibes right here which be getting some solid playtime.” Jeff Fellows, Bali based dj / (Australia)

“MASSIVE.” Xavier Jean

“Quite too much process and very clean, where is the dub flavor?” Andrej, ByteFM

“Loved this group since hearing Gold Getter. I shall be playing one or two on my radio show this weekend. Best wishes” Nick Gray, Gray Area Show

“Great production, top quality dub n roots sounds and needed in this world right now.” Robert Steer, Maiden Voyage radio show on (Australia)

“Such a great band, it’s been a long time coming but worth the wait.” Tom Headfunk, Vectis Radio / (United Kingdom)

“Classic dubby, reggae vibe, will support.” Josef, Radio 1 Prague / (Czech Repblic)

“We love everything on WW45s! A pleasure to playlist this across many, many playlists. One of the finest releases for a while. Thank you!” Neil Macdonald, Open Ear Music

“Great roots feeling for today’s ears.” Derek, KPFK Los Angeles (United Kingdom)

“All about Right Time for me, gorgeous track.” Pete, Jelly Jazz + Phonic FM,, 247magazine, (United Kingdom)

“Nice release, thanks!” Sammy, Tobus Rec /

“Top quality as always!” Jason Palma, Higher Ground Radio/Footprints (Canada)

“Love the old school vibe, yet it sounds so fresh, new and authentic.” Phil, Starpoint Radio / Likwid / / Soulm8 (United Kingdom)

“Great classic sounds” Phil Gray, KPSU Radio (Portland, USA)

“So good 🙂 just what I needed!” Bevin Campbell, PBSFM/Blend Corp/Uncomfortable Beats /

“Ba ba boom, been waiting for this and it is as good as expected.” Nicole Finnerty, Kane FM 103.7 FM – Flex FM – Festival Radio (Various) / (United Kingdom)

“Great album again.” Robert Lochmann, Radio X (Germany)

“Resonators continue painting with “Imaginary People” the no-boundaries landscape of the contemporary reggaedub planet. Pure pleasure and emotion for your body and soul.” Victor, (Spain)

“In the tradition of UK reggae bands the Resonators are at the top of the game. Strong songs and imaginative production values. The laid back swing of the band keep it cool and the distinctive vocals of Kassia and Faye are uplifting.” John, Juice FM 107.2 /

“Since The Healer single have been really excited about this one dropping. The usual standard we have come to expect from the Resonators beautiful warm production.” whatshot radio (United Kingdom)

“So so so strong I love it” Shep Kennedy, Likwid (United Kingdom)

“Nice stuff.” Chris Read, BBE / So Much Soul / Classic Material / Breakin Bread / /

“Great Great Great & Positive vibes !” Corrado Bucci (Italy)

“Nice mix of vibes!” Jon,

“Finest Dub Reggae around! 5 Stars” Chris Exarchopoulos, Black Radio Berlin Blog (Germany)

“Super cool!” Morgan Rhodes, 89.3 KPCC

“Love it!! Big Ups!!” Andrew Haig, The Shizzle 99.9 Bay FM

“Highly impressed by this new album from Resonators, so much positive energy in those lyrics, gonna be slamming these tracks on the show!!” Alan, Multi Storey Soul Radio Show, RTE Pulse (Dublin, Ireland)

“Wonderful stuff – how can people not love thoses vocals and those basslines?” Simon Harrison, Basic Soul Radio Show (FM, Internet + podcast), Nu-World Mix ( (United Kingdom)

“Top notch sound here, would be great to see live here in the States! Playing on the show, thanks” Jason Pulaski, Kuci 88.9fm (United States)

“Resonates with me !!” Anthony, Eastside Radio / Mondo Stereo

“Love this, quality stuff!” Dave Fortune, My First Moth Records

“Dubtastic!” Olly

David Rodigan MBE, BBC Radio 6 Music (United Kingdom)

Philip Selway, BBC Radio 6 Music (United Kingdom)

Jim Lister, 1 Brighton FM (United Kingdom)

Mickey Jukes, 1 Brighton FM (United Kindgom)

Andy Sharp, No Pressure Sesh (United Kingdom)

Andrew Haig, The Shizzle 99.9 Bay FM

Dr. Best, Radio Z (Germany)

Ras Danny, Higher Reasoning Reggae Time, KBOO Community Radio (United States)

Josef, Radio 1 (Czech Republic)


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