Imaginary People (Single)

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Wah Wah 45s are proud to present the new single to be taken from the hugely anticipated third album from arguably the UK’s finest dub and reggae outfit, Resonators.

After a four-year hiatus – mostly spent tirelessly performing headline shows and festivals across the UK and Europe, as well as recording a plethora of new music – this almost peerless Brighton-based collective are ready to unleash their new material to an eager public in the shape of their third album, “Imaginary People”.

A Future Time

The title track from the album is a feel good, dance floor friendly slice of sweet soulful reggae that comes complete with a dubbed out “A Future Time Version” courtesy of Darren ‘JamTone’ Mathers.

With a plethora of new songs under their belt, as well as what’s becoming a very healthy catalogue of crowd pleasers from their last two albums, Resonators will be touring the UK and Europe this Autumn. Make sure you catch them as they’re one of the finest live acts in this country right now!


“Isn’t this good? So much good British reggae around. Love these horns! The Resonators – always good to hear from this band. Always great to hear live horns on a track.” David Rodigan MBE

“Really like the warmth of Kassia Zermon’s chorused vocal lines here. Always strong on the vocal front but Imaginary People also lays down a soulful melody, a powerful bass line with room for some detailed instrumentation from guitar and keyboard horns. Stronger than I’ve heard for a while, so they’re back in full force. Excellent dub too. All worth waiting for.” John Warr, AfroBase/Radio Reverb/TotallyRadio/FM/DAB/WEB (United Kingdom)

“Advanced Dubstery!” Renegades Of Jazz, Agogo Records // Mojo Club (Germany)

“Imaginary People is just what you’d expect from The Resonators, perfect slice of summery reggae vibes.Love it!” Nick Rayman, Barricade Radio (United Kingdom)

“Nice vibes!” James Glendinning / DJ Create (United Kingdom)

“Sunny vibes!” Sam Allen, Stellar Inflight (Australia)

“10/10 points are not enough for the release ;D Love all versions of “Imaginary People”, big fan of the RESONATORS.” Sven Thomschke / ‘Dr.Best’, Radio Z 95.8 Nuernberg (Germany)

“Very nice UK reggae vibes going on. Great dub …” Chris Greenwood, MI SOUL, SOAS RADIO, BEDROOM BAR, SMS (United Kingdom)

“Sweet rhythms; it just puts a huge smile on your face!” Anthony Allsop (Aja), Ketch A Vibe (United Kingdom)

“Yes! Love. Thanks, Babbies. Show them what’s up, Resonators!! Cheers.” Mickey Duke, 1 Brighton FM (United Kingdom)

“Fantastic stuff, great production and will definitely be supporting!” Simon Duck, GEE Media/Bam Bam Sound (United Kingdom)

“Cool!!” DJ Federica (Italy)

“We have sunshine feeling here!” Lorenzo al Dino, Jockey Club Ibiza, Tiburon Formentera, Ibiza Life Radio, Lust & leben Magazin (Spain)

“Feeling the Dub version – High volume, bass up – sounding so so good!” Phil Levcene, Eclectic Jazz/Starpoint Radio/Likwid/Soulm8 e-zine/Club DJ (United Kingdom)

“Brighton massive!” DJ Kappa, Radio Reverb (United Kingdom)

“Loving the future time dub!!” DJ Toon, Eastside Funkdafied (Australia)

“Nice singer soul & rub a dub style, big!!!” Republik Kalakuta Baehler Swiss National Radio & TV,, (Switzerland)

“Genial tener de vuelta luego de 4 años a Resonators. Una delicia de tema.” Henry Azuaje, El Inspector Venezuela (Venezuela)

“One word : Oulalala…” Radio Krimi (France)

“Wicked jam. ” Mathieu Schreyer, KCRW (United States)

“Those HORNS!!!” Junior, Eavesdrop Radio 91.7FM (Philadelphia, PA USA) & (United States)

“Easy vibes!!!” Mark Milz, “further in fusion” @ Radio Corax 95.9 (Germany)

“Nice one.” Robert Lochmann, Radio producer Radio X, freelance DJ (Germany)

“Nice dub style – will support. Thanks.” Andrew Haig, Bay Fm 99.9 (Australia)

“Another solid shiny skanking selection from the Resonators. Liking the dub excursion too.” Peter McLennan, Radio BaseFM, Dubdotdash music blog (New Zealand)

“Soulful groove. Playlisted on my next radioshow.” Olivier Cavaller,,, (France)

“Love Resonators! The horns are amazing,  a real head bouncey look up to see whats happening track.” Andy Sharp, Stomp Radio (United Kingdom)

“Soulful reggae at its best.” Rado Tomek aka DJ Kinet, Nu Spirit Club/ Radio FM (Slovakia)

“Feel good reggae music – beautiful production and lush vocals. As for the Future Time Version….wow!” DJ Osric, RTR FM (Australia)

“A fabulous release from The Resonators. I’ll be playing this track on ‘Riddim Sessions’ on Black Country Radio on Friday 2 September. You can listen again/follow previous shows on Mixcloud:” Kevin Moore, Radio Station – Black Country Radio (United Kingdom)

“Love this dubby groove; Resonators sounding fine!” Velanche, Urban Landscapes (United States)

“Good track. The Dub’s the one for me here.” Chris Read, BBE / So Much Soul (United Kingdom)

“Feel good!” Christos Exarchopoulos, Black Radio Berlin (Germany)

“For all Wah Wah 45ers at Carnival [or anywhere else for that matter], new Resonators single is easy on the ear and feet; as ever, personal preference would be for a dubby longer version so more than happy to see Mr Mathers at the controls [Jamtone I&I]… excellent work WW45s.” Gerry Hectic, Futuristica Music, Jazz Chronicles and Secret Garden Party Radio’s Mixcloud Competition Winner 2015 (United Kingdom)

“Uncanny timing. The next show is ‘The rhythm edition’ and you send that. Marvellous stuff!” Dan Wesker, Detektor FM (Germany)

“Rock solid every time!” Chris Knight, Astrojazz (United Kingdom)

“Lovely!” Found Sounds, DJ Magazine (United Kingdom)

“Love the soulful and heartfelt vocal and the dub is deep and in the centre just how I like it. Definitely going into my next show.” DJ Mr Lob, (Australia)

“Smooooooth!” Andrej, ByteFM (Germany)

“Imaginary People from a really imaginative band. Pure niceness!” Víctor Castro, Bass Culture Reggae Radio Show & Blog (Spain)

“Great stuff.” Martin Lampitt, Radio Reverb (United Kingdom)

“Sweet rub-a-dub-banga-langas x” Pete OTC, OTC/MIMS/UKVibe (United Kingdom)

“A beautifully crafted piece of soul-drenched reggae…” Steve Johns, Solar Radio (United Kingdom)

“Awesome track! Love the sweet and sunny vibe. Really looking forward to hearing the new album. Thank you very much, keep up the great work guys!!! Much respect!” Bernd “Kinski” Roesler, Music aficionado (Germany)

“Always a pleasure to get new Resonators; will be supporting.” Jason Pulaski, innamissions Radio / kuci 88.9fm (United States)

“Awesome vibes, would like to hear more.” O.Love, Asian Hawk , The Disablists 5x DMC dj champions , (United Kingdom)

“More niceness! xx” Ross Wakefield, Hideout Sessions/Part-Time Heroes/Frankson (United Kingdom)

“Love the Future Time version.” Christian Gamp, (Switzerland)

“Nice tune, with really catchy voices.” Black Mighty Wax aka Cesare Cera, Radio Fujiko 103, Radio Bologna Uno, Nu Lounge, Irma Fashion Radio (Italy)

“Another blinder! Love the dub too.” Shepdog, NICE UP! (United Kingdom)

“Sweet vibes. Terrific vocals and harmonies.” Dubmatix, Artist / Producer / Mixer

“Nice.” Daddy Vad

“Imaginary People Clean Version is the one for me.” Tony Thorpe, Studio Rockers Records (United Kingdom)

“Love the dub!” Blend Mishkin, Cast-A-Blast

“Cool single!” DJ RootBwoy, Zona Reggae (Romania)

“Stunningly wonderful.” Chris DJ DAPPER DAN Brown, Skanking Delights / Forest FM / (United Kingdom)

“Super!” Maken, Polish National Radio (Poland)

“Dub for ever!” BunZer0, SUB FM (United Kingdom)

“Dutty!” Clip & Carbine

“Nice vibes!” Buster B, (France / Belgium)

“Rotten.” Jon Spyne, 40hz Productions

“Big tune.” Venum Sound, ram jam / 1brightonfm / (United Kingdom)

“Cool bubbler. Looking well forward to the album release.” Nicky Dread, CFRU-FM, Guelph ON (Canada)

“Someone got hold of the Summer Purificator and condensed the rays into this little gem… Vibes” Titan Sound, High Grade

“Nice vibes,thank you” Stevie Roots, Concious Radio (United Kingdom)

“Great Reggae Dub Music, Big Up!” AlexDub, Poitiers

“Nice one!” Daferwa, Mash It UP! / Global Player (Cologne) / WDR Funkhaus Europa Radio (Germany)

“Nice, love the female lyrics!” Walt, Sweetpotato Soundsystem / Subdub Leeds (United Kingdom)

“Chune!” Numa Crew (Italy)

“Nice nice nice.. definitely & soon on radio” Ahmet Gunes, Açık Radyo / (Turkey)

“Nice vibes” DJ Frisk (United Kingdom)

“We will play and support” Doogie,

“Nice” Mat The Alien, (Canada/UK)

“Very catchy, love it.” Serum, V Recordings / Dread / Grid (United Kingdom)

“Oh yeah!! Can’t get enough of this sound…and those sexy vocals!” Dr. StrangeDub, KFAI-FM (United States)

“Run it” Max RubaDub (Switzerland)

“Love it!” FleCK (Greece)

“The Future Time version is sick.” Igor (Russia)

“Nice1” Max Powa (Austria)

“So good…!” Greg, (Ireland)

“Wicked!” Sattamann, Real Roots (United Kingdom)

“Like the Future Time version!” Stephan Meyer / DJ Respecta (Germany)

“Summer vibes detected!” DJ Jimi Needles, Barrio Central / Floripa / Cable (United Kingdom)

“Big moves!” Mr Benn, Square One Sound / Leisure Recordings (United Kingdom)

“Love the dub version!” Pablo Borchi (Mexico)

“Niceness!” Jinx in dub (United Kingdom)

“Wicked stuff!” Aldo Vanucci (United Kingdom)

“Beautiful stuff! This album is going to be a K.O.!” Leo, (Ireland)

“Vibes!!!” Boj Lucki, Mir Crew (Sweden)

David Rodigan MBE, BBC Radio 1Xtra (United Kingdom)

Huey Morgan, BBC Radio 6 Music (United Kingdom)

The Jazzmadass Radioshow, Radio X (Germany)

Kevin Moore, Black Country Radio (United Kingdom)

Dom Servini, Amazing Radio (United Kingdom)

Andrew Haig, The Shizzle, Bay FM (Australia)


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