Sweet Love Affair

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Produced by the legendary Nick Mannaseh, the debut single “Sweet Love Affair” has already gained radio play and club support from David Roddigan, Mark Lamarr and J-Star. It’s the reggae record we’ve been waiting for here at Wah Wah Towers. BIG!!

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Reactions so far:

“A summer bubbler!” Gilles Peterson (BBC Radio 1)

“An amazing modern slab of lovers rock. Indeed, very sweet.” Russ Jones (Hackney Globe Trotter / Future World Funk)

“Radio support from me! Really like it.” Rob Luis, Tru Thoughts (UK)

“Just wanted to stop by and say I purchased the Resonators 45 and I think it’s superb!” Boca 45, Bristol (UK)

“I’ve had ‘Sweet Love Affair’ in the car all summer and on double deuty as a go-to warm up track.” DJ Monk-One, NYCT (USA)

“One of the sweetest reggae tunes of the year.” Global Souljah (UK)

“The sun is brighter, and the day is better when there´s a new wahwah45 on the mail! The Resonators 45 is beautiful and sweet summer affair. Perfect fot my reggae radio shows HORA DO SOL sat. and sunday 2/3 p.pm, and dj sets. Sure nuff playing and radio support on this too.” DJ Tiago, Spaceboys (Portugal)

“Thanks for the Resonators 7″, I like it a lot! WahReggae!” DJ Vesa, Wahoo! (Finland)

“The kind of dub you will love even if you don’t usually like to listen this particular style. Nice production”. Santiago Tadeo Cervera (www.acidjazzhispano.com, Spain)
“In the same UK reggae ballpark as Prince Fatty and the like, Resonators bring us a sugary gem in the shape of “Sweet Love Affair”. Proud bass, cool guitars and a humming bassline back adoring lyrics on the vocal, whilst the dub lets the bass and sax shine.” Jon Freer

“The Resonators seven is pure summer bliss – soulful lovers rock just the way we like it!” Eivind Olsvik, Hi-Fi Terapi, Norway

“Sublime summer badness” King Tee (Elbow Rooms)

“Amazing!” Allan Skov (VME / Vega, Copenhagen)

“Dub for the hot times…and perfect for those lazy holidays that are on the way!” DJ m.path.iq (Germany)

“When the heat strikes on me balcony…me smoke one and chill with the Resonators…Great tune!” Phil Wicked Jazz Sounds (Holland)

“I’m partial to a bit of reggae, and The Resonators are certainly very well endowed in the reggae department!” Capstone (Wah Wah 45s / Tru Thoughts)

“Wicked vocals and dubby vibes..Sweet and groovy at the same time. Full support!” Enrique Domenech (Fusionova Radio)

“Digging the honey-eyed dub-reggae of Resonators’ Sweet Love Affair, and nice to have the dub for late in the evening too.” Paris Pompor (Groovescooter Radio, Sydney, Australia)

“An excellent piece of soft dub/reggae with Janet Kay like vocals cannot fail this summertime.” DJ Abbo (Starpoint Radio)

“Sounds quite innocent and relaxed, but a nice summer tune anyway!” Markus Milz (Further In Fusion)

“Over the years I’ve noticed that there isn’t a summer going by without a fresh reggae tune and this is it! Sweet and wonderful!” Georgios Paroglou (Greece)

“Loving this band since seeing a sort video. Then I went straight to their myspace page and used some dodgy recording software and ripped the tracks from their site!!! The quality was obviously quite bad, but I couldn’t get enough of Sweet Love Affair, very happy to have the 320 version now, and soon I’ll have the 45! Thank you! Wah Wah is setting the bar high, can’t wait to hear what is coming out next!” DJ Tom Mannix (Canada)

“A lovely tune that reminds me of some of the lovers rock around during the eighties” DJ Griff (Jelly Jazz)

“Like the 80s lovers feel to sweet love affair.” Chris Greenwood (Stop Making Sense)

Radio play from Toshio Matsuura (UFO, Japan) on Radio Tokyo Moon, Inter FM, Japan, and Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz Radio)




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